BatteryEater results on the Q1P


Yesterday, I got a request from Jose over at palmInsider; Jose asked if I could run a battery test on Samantha so he could compare the results on his Celeron-based Samsung Q1. I did one better because I ran BatteryEater on Sammy way back in August and the minimum battery time was 1:44:45 or roughly 105 minutes.

The above graph is from running Battery Eater on Samantha last night. I tried to replicate the test as best as possible with the same settings and remember, Samantha has a 50% larger hard drive running at the same speed and the same 1 GB of RAM that Sammy has, but she runs the Intel Pentium M at 1.0 GHz. The Pentium supports speed-stepping, while the Celeron does not. The results speak for themselves: Samantha will get a minimum runtime of 2:38:24 or roughly 158 minutes on the same battery. One other note: the Q1P offers a 40% brighter screen over the Q1: 280 nits vs. 200. I find that I can set the brightness to the lowest level and it still seems brighter than on the prior model. Hope this helps, Jose!


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