Backing up important physical data

Last week we talked a bit about virtual storage and backups for digital files.

This week I’m going to hit up a new service that aims at backing up your important physical data. has built a secure storage network for your vital personal information like medical records, drivers license copies, passports, wills, credit card copies, financial records, insurance papers, basically everything in your wallet and personal filing folders that you deem important.

The service allows you to scan and upload documentation to your Online Safe Deposit Box through a web browser. Is it secure? KeepYouSafe says they employ military grade encryption to keep data safe. There are also multiple servers worldwide so that if anything happens; there will always be a copy available.

If you are looking for a substitute for your standard banking safety deposit box that can be accessed anywhere in the world, this might be something to look into. says it will be free if you are an “active” member, though what that means right now is unclear. Supposedly you will have enough space to store your most important information.

There is also a larger storage option for $36 per year. Look out for actual file sizes when they officially launch on Jan. 23. Other options for scanning in and storing your important data online would be to password protect your files when you zip or stuff them, and use well-known online storage services like or Xdrive.


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