Asus ScreenDUO: Windows SideShow device?



MobileWhack has this interesting pic that appears to be a secondary display for your computer, but details are between slim and none. It looks like it could be a Windows SideShow display for RSS feeds, PIM info and whathaveyou, but all we have is a small screen, a few controls and a funky blue picture. The buttons look like "enter" and "back" functions and the knobbie-wheel looks like a directional pad. It could be useful for external Vista information or then again, it could be a Blu-Ray laser toaster. Considering its name of ScreenDUO, I’m betting on the former.



SuppOrtLinux “Not sure what the other brick is (black square thing) on the other USB port” I believe its the IR to the remotekontrol.


Here’s some more info for you… according to this article at The Register (scroll to the picture), its a USB connected SideShow device…

The pic also shows a remote… it would be assumed the remote is to the ASUS SideShow device? If so, this could be pretty nice for other devices too. I could, for example, use it with my UX when its docked on my desk. Not sure what the other brick is (black square thing) on the other USB port…

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