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Associated Press Starts a Sexy Videoblog

If the Associated Press were to start its first videoblog, what do you think the subject matter would be? Real-life newsroom tales? Leftovers from interviews with famous people that didn’t make it into the wire story?

Nope. The AP’s first videoblog, airing this Thursday, is a non-fiction Sex in the City ripoff called “Reel City Tales,” starring AP employee Ilana Donna Arazie. A show will air every week for the next eight, is the official word. It will be distributed to the more than 1,000 AP Online Video Network sites the nearly 200 AP member newspapers who have signed up for the AP’s under-35-oriented “ASAP” multimedia service, Ms. Arazie (the courtesy title just seems appropriate here) confirmed via email.

An episode from one of Ms. Arazie’s early shows (not broadcast by the AP):

Check out the official teaser (sorry, not embeddable) here. “I’m a single girl living in a fast-paced city,” Ms. Arazie voices over as she prances around onscreen. She says of the show content, “We’ll talk about love, sex, marriage, pressures, anxieties, all the fun conversations between women that men rarely get to hear.”

Ms. Arazie had been trying out the concept on her own over the last few months, posting her shows to YouTube and video show aggregator Network2. The video embedded above is the most coherent of the previous episodes we watched. You can see the archives at Network2.

The AP launched its Online Video Network in partnership with MSN last year. It does contain mostly breaking news content. ASAP is a separate service oriented towards under-35 readers.