AOL, GMC Strike Broadband Video Deal

A deal between AOL, GMC and the Time Warner Global Media Group puts the GM division front and center in three new shows on AOL’s Living Channel — literally. Described as a “partnership” rather than a product placement/sponsorship, the deal includes:
— 78 three-five minute video episodes of Cooking with Tyler Florence, Home Entertaining with Michele and Gia and Home Improvement with Eric Stromer. each will be broken into smaller chunks for audio podcasts, photo galleries, etc.
— 20 GMC-branded sidebar Trade Secrets videos echoing GMC’s current image campaign.
— Each series will incorporate GMC vehicles.
— GMC ads will be shown as pre-roll during half of the show’s streams. (No idea how they’ll figure that out; maybe every other stream.)
— GMC gets a “significant share” of the banner ads for the program home pages.
TW’s Global Media Group is charged with creating deals like this with marketing partners.
AdAge: The way AdAge sees it AOL is letting GM “own” broadband content. No pricing but the commitment matches other 7 figure deals. Kathy Kayse, EVP-sales, AOL Media Networks, says it’s “indicative of future ad deals.”