What Could Twofish Be Up To?


Seems like there are a lot of new and interesting game companies showing up lately. Especially companies that are taking a different approach to the online business model. Twofish, a Lee Crawford company, has been raising venture capital since last year and are currently operating in stealth mode. What could be going on in there?

Lee Crawford, who is scheduled to speak at this years Game Developers Conference about raising capital, has secured further funding for Twofish, Inc and is moving forward. Twofish has recently posted several new jobs, including a search for an Engineer who will be “responsible for the design and development of a large-scale services platform for online gaming and community.” Since they’re flying under the radar, all we know so far is that they’re gearing up to develop and implement a worldwide gaming platform.


Jon R.

I smell bullshit. “Large-scale services platform for online gaming and community”, at this point, means “Large-scale advertising vehicle designed to be sold to some dipshit non-gaming copmany at the complete expense of the users and whatever little functionality it had in the first place”. The fact is that online communities maange eachother just fine, and actually would see middlemen as getting in the way — more useless, bloated shit to download for what amounts to a server browser. And we have LIVE on the console side of things.

Could raising capital be any fucking easier, honestly? Are we now getting lectures from nobodies securing funding for TEN 2.0? MPlayer Neo: This Time It Won’t Spontaneously Reboot Your Machine.

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