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This continues the chronicle of my mobile Monday.  As we left our hero he had just hit the 6:30 am mark which found him in his office in the Big Oil Co.  I have set up for the morning at my desk where the Fujitsu P1610 (Miyagi) is in laptop mode and plugged into AC power using my second adapter which I keep in the downtown office for those days when I am working there.  I like days like today when all of my meetings are in the downtown office because it means I have a lighter load in the Booq bag.  I left the Portable Power Station (PPS) charging at home because I can keep it plugged into the wall in the office.  While the PPS is nice and thin it does weigh about 2 lbs. so that makes my bag that much lighter.  The kit I brought today that I will use is:

Booq bag containing:

  • Fujitsu P1610 (Miyagi)
  • Stowaway Bluetooth Travel Mouse
  • Samsung i320 WIndows Mobile Smartphone
  • Sync/ charge cable for the i320

That’s it- nice and light kit for me today which is a perfect way to start the week.

6:30 – 7:00  I review the slate of meetings scheduled for today and go back over my notes in OneNote to make sure I’m up to speed on each project.  I am handling 11 active seismic imaging projects and there’s no way I can recall every detail of each one.

7:00 – 9:00  I call each contractor to check on the status of each project and make recommendations and requests for the things I need to see for the next stage of each one.  I make the appropriate call notes in the project folder in OneNote.

9:00 – 10:00  Informal meeting in a manager’s office.  The two people I am meeting with are concerned whether the proper attention is being given to some special needs of their project.  I show them my notes detailing all of the testing and the results of same that have been conducted on the seismic processing, and use the inking ability of PowerPoint to draw attention to the areas under discussion as the meeting goes on.  By the end of the meeting they both tell me they feel very comfortable that everything is under control and the technical needs are being met.  I give them a demo of the Tablet PC at their request and explain the two big advantages my electronic methods have over their paper and pen:

  1. Since I create each note in the proper OneNote project folder my notes are NEVER misfiled which means I can find anything quickly.  They admit they have trouble keeping up with all the notepad pages they create and resort to trying to remember what they wrote rather than finding the actual note.
  2. I explained that my ink notes are searchable and show them a search for something that I noted during the project kickoff meeting weeks before.  They were blown away that OneNote could not only understand my terrible handwriting but return search terms I had inked.

10:00- 11:30  I wrote the minutes for several meetings I attended last Friday.  I created them directly in email in Outlook and used my OneNote meeting notes as reference.  The minutes were all immediately emailed to the appropriate distribution list.  The advantage of writing them directly into email is I can use the Send to OneNote icon in Outlook to send them directly into OneNote where they appear in the Unfiled Notes section.  When I have a few moments free I move them easily into the project folder so I always have my official meeting minutes right after the inked meeting notes.

11:30 – 12:30 Lunch.  I take the i320 and read my ebook using eReader Pro on the smartphone while I eat.

12:30 – 2:00  I spend time on the phone, processing email, and spinning through my Daily Dashboard in ResultsManager/ MindManager to make sure every single project I’m handling is being handled.  Nothing is falling through the cracks


2:00 – 4:00  Kickoff meeting for two new projects.  Attendees included 6 people from Big Oil Co. (including me) and 5 people from Big Seismic Contractor.  The meeting is two kickoffs in one as there are two distinct (but related) projects just getting underway.  I take a lot of notes for each project and at the end of the meeting I have to give my second Tablet PC demo of the day.

4:00 Head for home since I start so early.  Another day, another dollar.  Made much easier with my Tablet PC and my mobile gear.



Ross, I take my notes with a personal type of shorthand where I capture only the information I am likely to need. I rarely use complete sentences so converting these notes to text won’t buy me much. I also like the process of writing the minutes separately later as it forces me to rehash the discussion mentally.

Ross Wirth

James-process question for you. I have a weekly status &issues meeting with several of the Business managers and VP’s for the groups our IT project impacts.
I create and distribute the Agenda in Word, then at the meeting take notes(while facilitating the meeting) in Word and distribute the notes to the group.
What advantages do you find to note taking in One Note and then converting to Word for distribution?

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