Samsung Customer Support: Sammy’s adventure begins

Samsung_q1_8_1Since customer service and support are a necessary part of our mobile lives, I’ve decided to blog bits and pieces of how Samsung handles my issue with Sammy. When not sleeping through videos (darn actors), Sammy is was a mobile mainstay for me, seven days a week. Remember, just before CES, he experienced a power issue and I’ve replaced him with Samantha.

As of this moment, Sammy won’t run on AC power, nor will his battery charge. I’ve used his AC adapter with Samantha; no problem there. I’ve also charged his battery through Samantha and Sammy runs fine on his battery…until it runs out of juice. So, I just called Samsung support and here’s the deal:

  • I went through the phone menu system and was pleased to find a specific number just for the Q1 UMPCs.
  • In less than 60 seconds I was speaking to Brett. Brett was courteous and took all of the information needed to generate a support ticket.
  • I was only on hold for about 2 minutes; just long enough for Brett to verify that the unit needed to be sent in for service.
  • I have a customer number and a transaction number to track the service.
  • I’ll be receiving a return shipping label for Sammy via e-mail; I could have chosen snail mail, but didn’t see the point.
  • Once I have the shipping label, I’m supposed to pack Sammy up without any accessories and send him.

So far, so good; let’s see what happens next! Before I forget; the last time Sammy was awake he asked me to thank all of his well-wishers for their notes and letters. ;)


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