Samsung Customer Support: Sammy’s adventure begins


Samsung_q1_8_1Since customer service and support are a necessary part of our mobile lives, I’ve decided to blog bits and pieces of how Samsung handles my issue with Sammy. When not sleeping through videos (darn actors), Sammy is was a mobile mainstay for me, seven days a week. Remember, just before CES, he experienced a power issue and I’ve replaced him with Samantha.

As of this moment, Sammy won’t run on AC power, nor will his battery charge. I’ve used his AC adapter with Samantha; no problem there. I’ve also charged his battery through Samantha and Sammy runs fine on his battery…until it runs out of juice. So, I just called Samsung support and here’s the deal:

  • I went through the phone menu system and was pleased to find a specific number just for the Q1 UMPCs.
  • In less than 60 seconds I was speaking to Brett. Brett was courteous and took all of the information needed to generate a support ticket.
  • I was only on hold for about 2 minutes; just long enough for Brett to verify that the unit needed to be sent in for service.
  • I have a customer number and a transaction number to track the service.
  • I’ll be receiving a return shipping label for Sammy via e-mail; I could have chosen snail mail, but didn’t see the point.
  • Once I have the shipping label, I’m supposed to pack Sammy up without any accessories and send him.

So far, so good; let’s see what happens next! Before I forget; the last time Sammy was awake he asked me to thank all of his well-wishers for their notes and letters. ;)


Thad F. Connally

Samsung support is in general atrocious. Many promises very little follow-up and even that is poor. I am now three weeks waiting for an item to be replaced which was not repairable.
Each call seemed totally baffle technicians and support personnel.
Samsung and I have parted ways.

Craig Gunderson

I just got my Q1 back from support for the second time. My experience in dealing with Samsung has been very positive with reasonable turn-around times and problems accurately addressed.

Right out of the box, my Q1 (a Woot refurb) would not boot up. He went right back in the box and out to support.

Soon after that, my Q1’s hard drive started clicking – a serious sign of impending doom – so again he was whisked away for repair.

I want to warn you that Sammy will be sent to a facility in Dallas that seems to be some sort of hermetically-sealed bunker (Tele- something). The first time my Q1 went there was close to Thanksgiving and this slowed the turn-around time on my ticket considerably. I made several attempts to call the facility to find out how much longer I’d have to wait and was NEVER able to get a human being on the phone besides the operator.

My only real complaint is that when your repaired machine is returned to you, there is no documentation included detailing what was wrong or what was repaired. When I got my HP notebook back from a repair they included a nice detailed list of what components were replaced and why.

Also, Samsung’s online Repair Self-Tracking is a complete joke. They don’t update that information whatsoever. Some tracking info would be very nice to have.

Tax Man

You might remember to put the original RAM back in (oh, and what about that after market SSD HD?)…


When I got my Q1P a couple weeks ago my battery would not hold a complete charge and only work for about a hour. I called Samsung on a Monday and they also said the battery was bad and they sent me a new battery which I received in two days.


But what about those “warranty void if removed” stickers? I just trust the JK boys were smart enough to make their Q1 match the way it shipped from the factory before sending it in… :)

Patrick Perez

to answer Supp0rtLinux:

In the U.S., the Magnussen-Moss warranty act puts the burden on manufacturers to prove tampering, misuse or modification by the owner caused a problem in order to void a warranty. Merely openning a device and upgrading ram, as in this case does not void the warranty. If there were a subsequent problem, it would be Samsung’s responsibility to prove the user upgraded ram caused it, before they could deny the warranty claim.

I have no idea how other countries deal with this sort of thing, and I’m sure manufacturers would like people to beleive the warranty becomes void, but that isn’t the case.

Mark Polino, CPA

I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences with Samsung support. They couldn’t always help (I had to reformat the hard drive to ultimately fix an audio driver issue) but they’ve always been helpful including replacing a battery that wasn’t holding a charge.

My only concern is that as they sell more units, customer service will decline. It always seems to work that way. Next time keep Murphy away from Sammy!



Forgive my asking, but didn’t you void Sammy’s warranty when you opened him and upgraded his RAM? If so, you might be SOL…

Patrick Perez

Right after I received my Q1P( a refurb unit from PC Connection), the battery died. It would not charrge in the least. I called Samsung support early Sunday morning and got more or less straight through to a pleasant fellow who listened to my description of troubleshooting (lights blinked on the battery, re-seated it, Q1 runs off of AC). He entered a ticket to send me a new battery, promising 2 week delivery, but that it might arrive sooner. All I know is that by the time I got back from vacation, within the two week window, it had arrived and was waiting. It works flawlessly.

So I guess the critical flaw in the Q1 design is it can detect when owners are going on a trip, and wait until then to fail

I couldn’t be happier with the Q1, btw. In the future (i.e. later generations), I hope they use a new, more efficient display/lighting method to increase battery life. And higher speed on the CF adapter. But I think the form factor is about perfect. Maybe they could design a flip-over hard lid to protect the screen?

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