Online Video Advertising Heats Up


In this morning’s stories on NewTeeVee I mention no less than five companies whose name started with “pod”: PodShow, Podtrac, Podbridge, Podscope, and Podzinger. Seriously, they should just put smush those three letters onto one key on my keyboard! The funny thing is, the two companies I was writing about are named Kiptronic and Nexidia.

The stories: Kiptronic, a video and audio podcast advertising platform, has raised $4 million in Series A funding. And Nexidia, a speech recognition vendor, has what looks like a working model of the technology you’d need to do “AdSense for video.” So, while these companies’ names may not overlap, they have pretty complimentary technology, both taking smart and unobtrusive approaches to online video advertising. We’ll be watching that space closely.


Sramana Mitra

Ah! Speech recognition is precisely what I have been waiting to see as the core of an online video advertising (and radio / podcast ad) platform …


Online TV/Videos/podcasts will end being like offline TV with ads injected between the shows. Unlike banners, ads in videos will be more of a push technology without any user control.

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