NBC’s ‘Heroes’ Adds Online Powers


I don’t know about you, but my plans tonight are being organized around the new episode of NBC’s breakout hit “Heroes” at nine — after all, “a new hero makes a shocking debut!” Also making their debut are a bunch of new features on the official NBC site, including a wiki and “Heroes 360,” which sounds something like an ARG (Alternative Reality Game). From the press release:

Beginning on January 22nd, viewers will be invited to experience “Heroes” in a whole new way. As they investigate on-air clues and learn new truths about the characters, their involvement will lead them to new platforms, including interaction with unique mobile content.

According to NBC, the additional stuff forthcoming includes access to the fictional Primatech Paper company’s phone system and significantly increased original content on NBC.com including secret files, hidden sites and original commentary from cast members added to each streaming episode.

This is in addition to streams of the previous episodes, an online graphic novel, interactive map of the Heroes universe, a popular fan forum and a blog from fan favorite Hiro. If you’re curious about what online moves NBC might make, this would be the show to keep an eye on — after all, Big TV Shows equals Big Online Numbers, and they’re throwing the social-web kitchen sink at it!


nbc heroes

I love this series it was great from the very first episode, I can’t wait for season two to hit the screens, I think that syler might have to join up with a new bad guy or at least fight against another bad guy, you can only have one bad guy for so long before they get more creative.

By the way nice site, keep up the good work.

Bill Day

It will be interesting to see how this compares with the “Jericho” wiki and related capabilities from CBS.

Hopefully each will push the other, and other TV properties, to move even more quickly to support what viewers want from their favorite show.


Big fan of the show, but the Wiki is empty right now…and the biggest fans are probably already on the Wikipedia version which is pretty well blown out.
I wonder what the strategy behind the new one is.

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