More Free 24: Watch Episodes Online


Reader Will tipped us to Fox now offering the first four episodes of 24 on the Myspace TV portal, with the fifth available tonight. You have to download their media player, but the quality is pretty good in full-screen mode. Fox already made the first four episodes available on DVD, well ahead of the traditional TV-to-DVD cycle.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: if you offer free online streams of your content online, fewer people will resort to unauthorized digital distribution. Even I would rather just watch an instant-on online stream, including ads, than wait for a torrent to download.



If your really into streaming tv episodes, you might find this site to be simply mind blowing- I am currently watching 24 streams on my iPhone or desktop with unlimited access to more than 200 TV series – complete seasons (yup every episode every season!) using a site called so far as long as my wifi signal is strong I have 25000 episodes in my pocket :)

eat that iTunes Netflix and Hulu!

Paul G

As a confessed 24 junkie, I am appalled at the fact that I cannot access episodes while I am in Japan. My Slingbox is on the blink, and can’t watch 24 or Heroes on NBC or Fox.

Thank goodnesss for sites like dailymotion and peekvid!

Jeff Macdonald

Everytime I’ve tried an instant online stream, it has sucked. I’d rather wait for a high quality video via a torrent. And I rather watch it on my TV. TiVo, why can’t you offer me this free content!

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