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@ MidemNet: EMI Restructures Publishing Staff To Get Closer To Roots

[By Robert Andrews] Music industry changes ushered in by digital are prompting a shake-up at EMI Music Publishing that could see some staff lose or change their job. The parent group this month announced a restructuring program and executive changes in an effort to save £110 million ($214 million) a year. The publishing firm’s president Roger Faxon said at MidemNet that “efficiencies” would be created in order to get closer to the consumer. “It’s about a vision of how both businesses need to operate in the new world,” he said. “We are the strongest creative team in the world but we know we need to address the issues as we move forward. We need to be more in contact with the people who want to use and expose music. We need to have a more complete understanding of the development of new music – all of that requires additional resource. That’s going to come from creating efficiencies in our overall business. We’ve been investing in renewing virtually every single system in our business to create greater efficiencies.”
Asked if that would mean lay-offs or lower advances to artists, Faxon replied: “It will involve a change in some personnel, yes; whether that will take the form of layoffs, I can’t say. There will be a movement from people who are largely process-focused to those who are largely talent- and licensing-focused. Some people who are in the company will be able to make that transition, some won’t.” Resources would not be diverted from the artist level, however, he said.
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