jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 30: The Origami Experience



VGA iTunes compatible version (MP4 format, 640 x 480, 87.4 MB,13 minutes)

VGA Windows Media Player version (WMV format, 640 x 480, 71 MB, 13 minutes)

Icon_128x128_1The Microsoft Origami Project team was generous enough to provide us the forthcoming Origami Expereience software and we give you a quick tour. Unlike the original Origami interface, I think I’ll be using this new one on my UMPC running Vista. You’ll see how everything is accessible and usable without a stylus and the performance is nothing short of astounding!

Watch the brief video and then watch for the Origami Experience software to become available around Vista launch time!


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Kevin, I would love to see the Origami Experience on “Sammy” with the memory upgrade you did. It would help all the 900 MHz Celeron owner to know what to expect.

Michael Venini


Great video, now I really want vista on the Q1.

I have a question. Wouldn’t it be great, if they some how intergrated Outlook with in these screens? Like a today screen for PDAs. Except when you click on a appointment, or the email notification it takes you into Outlook.

What’s your thoughts?


also will this only be available for umpcs or also for devices like the p1610?

Jayson Billington

Have you gotten everything working on the Q1 with Vista? I.e. are there drivers available for everything?

Kevin C. Tofel

The MP4 file is actually uploaded and available but may not appear in iTunes for a little while yet. I checked our feed and see the MP4, so if you’re subscribed, it should appear soon. If you want to manually download or view it, I now have a link up on our Mobile Media Edition site. Thanks!


Evan, I think Kevin’s post stated the video is coming to iTunes soon. So I wouldn’t expect it to be there yet.

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