GParted: a free partition tool for any OS

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I’ve used QtParted and other freebie partition tools in the past, especially in my Linux adventures, but GParted is also worth a timely mention. It found its way onto Lifehacker just today and given the fact that some folks may be slowly meandering over to Vista via a dual-boot situation, this tool is a great asset.

GParted stands for GNOME Partition Editor, but since you can run it on a Live CD, it really doesn’t matter which OS (or OS’s as the case may be) you’re running. Ideally, I’d prefer to run this off some flash storage on a mobile device, as I rarely carry my external optical drive; that’s probably worth a look-see unless someone wants to save me some time and tell me that they’ve already got it working! If not, I may stick with my licensed copy of Partition Magic. In the meantime, if you need the security of always have a partition tool with you on a Live CD, check out the complete "how-to" at Howto Forge of course.

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