Double Fusion To Provide Ads For War Rock

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In-game advertising is a popular subject nowadays. With in-game advertising becoming more and more popular as a way to earn extra revenue from gaming or to fund your project outright, there are plenty of opportunites out there to profit. What better way to pay for your game than to sell prime advertising space in the virtual world? At least that’s what K2 Network had to be thinking when they signed a deal with Double Fusion.

Double Fusion, an in-game advertising firm that recently secured extra capital, has recently signed a deal with K2 Network to provide advertising for the company’s game, War Rock. War Rock is an online FPS (First Person Shooter) that, while free to play, offers enhanced services and items to players who are willing to pay. The game is currently in late stages of beta and is due to ship next month.

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Jon R.

My god, there’s so much wrong with this. “Pre Order Now!” What the fuck is anyone pre-ordering? And apparently this answers my previous question about how easy it is to secure capital.

Everyone: “WE DON’T FUCKING LIKE ADVERTISING. We do everything we can to eradicate it! And we’ve learned to tune it out when we don’t or can’t!”

People using advertising: “Yep, this seems pretty popular and useful. Let’s use more of it. Everywhere.”

VCs: “You’ve comically misjudged your target audience in an effort to give them something they neither want, need, or find remotely useful? Well, that’s worth a few million at least.”

Proves yet again that America really is the golden land of opportunities. I dare someone to argue that you have to be intelligent to get rich here.

What if we took the support email addresses of companies that use in-game ads, and started singing them up for spam?

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