Advestigo Offers Fingerprinting Appliance

A Paris-based startup called Advestigo has packaged its digital video fingerprinting technology in a $15,900 (and up) appliance to be hooked up to video networks (warning: link is to PDF). The company claims each box would be able to handle 3,000 uploads per day.

Video fingerprinting is in high demand at the moment, but we have little clue as to how well Advestigo’s solution works. We’ll have to check back to see if the company can sign any customers following today’s announcement.

Advestigo’s products, covered in the Financial Times today, had apparently previously drawn some interest from French copyright organizations trying to root out piracy on peer-to-peer networks. The company’s technology is currently being tested by the MPAA, Christophe Tilmont, Advestigo VP of marketing and business development, told us in an email.

Advestigo, founded in 2002, raised €3.5 million in funding from iSource Gestion, Cap Décisif, and EonTech in 2004.

See our previous coverage of Attributor‘s and Phillips‘ efforts in the digital fingerprinting space. On the audio fingerprinting side, Snocap just secured a deal to sell music from Merlin, the new independent music licensing consortium.

We’ve also heard through the grapevine that many video sites are looking to Audible Magic — which acquired a license for video fingerprinting to compliment its existing audio fingerprinting business — to allay their copyright concerns.