5.9mm phone; how thin is too thin?


59mm_samsung_phoneFrom an engineering standpoint, the Samsung Ultra Edition 5.9 phone is no doubt a marvel. The Unwired View points out that this successor to the X820 loses 15% of its "bulk" by slimming down to just 5.9mm thin thick. There’s no compromise on features in this skinnie-minnie: Bluetooth with A2DP support, a 3.2 megapixel shooter, 80 MB of internal storage and more. Yes, you can make phone calls too and the special thin-DSP chip makes you sound 15% thinner.

OK, maybe not, but seriously, what’s next here? How thin can these phones get while maintaining a high level of functionality. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for slimming down our mobile devices. My only concern is that I want to be able to hold it and not worry about it snapping in two!



I am using the very thin Samsung i320 and I have the same fear. I am very careful with the phone as it wouldn’t take much to snap it in two.

Paul J Shadwell

Looks cool but I can imagine a scenario where I slip it into my back pocket and forget about it only to discovour it again when I sit down and feel a sharp snap on my backside. Either that or a non-functioning banana phone. :-)

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