Rocketboom Brings in $250K in ‘06

Andrew Michael Baron, sometimes overly open about his personal business, posted an interesting disclosure on his blog this morning: his raw revenue numbers. Rocketboom brought in $247,412 in 2006 (well, the working was unclear so this could be his personal take, but since he’s the business guy the number’s probably the Rocketboom take), Baron reports, with $210,000 of that in advertising and the rest primarily consulting and merchandising.

Baron, who’s the best in the biz at getting his video show onto each and every platform, says he believes that due to his lack of business experience and the mid-year fallout with ex-host Amanda Congdon “most of the incoming potential was never even realized.” His point, he says, is to be inspirational: “The ballpark is still wide open. If you have tasteful content that people respond to and half a business mind, you should be fairing at least this well.”