Zune podcast support squirting slowly on the ‘net


Although you could always use the Zune for basic podcasting functionality, Zune Thoughts found some recent developments that could increase podcast support for Microsoft’s digital audio/video player. Some of the evidence out there:

1. A page on Zune.net showing featured partners that offer podcasts.
2. A quick hit on the MSNBC link there shows buttons for RSS, iTunes and Zune:

There’s still no official word on subscribing to audio or video podcasts directly within the Zune software, but incremental steps are better than no steps at all. Make no mistake, there’s a long way to go here as most of the Zune buttons I’ve seen simply pull individual bits of content. I feel that the Zune software should have supported podcasting support and subscription from launch, but hopefully we’ll see an easier way to get our content in the coming months.

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