WorkHack, the online to-do whiteboard


With all of the reviews and thoughts WebWorkerDaily has done on to-do software and methods, it’s about time someone tried to bring the whiteboard from the wall to the computer screen. Rami wrote in and told us about a little web application that he has developed that allows you to visualize your daily tasks in a simple way.

You are not required to sign up for WorkHack, simply visit the site, and instantly drop in your tasks and specify a level of importance. When you are done with your task list, turn a special visualizer that will set the font sizes of more important ones larger.

Each new session of WorkHack receives a unique URL that you can bookmark and visit at a later date to update your list. If you find the other to-do applications difficult and distracting, WorkHack, although in its infancy, might be the one that might the best choice for you.



Like Andrew said, wow. That’s ugly.

I guess it’s functional, but it seems like a dead horse getting beat here. This is what, the gazillionth to-do copy? Not really sure how this one is post worthy. They duplicated what has already been done, redone and re-redone. What exactly is new or different about this one? Yawn.

Josh Maher

A handy little application….it needs a small pop out though…my three monitors don’t have room for a big online whiteboard list :)

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