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Top Handset For Gaming: Sony Ericsson

Some interesting user data from mobile gaming portal MobileRated: the top ten handsets for the year feature four Sony Ericsson terminals and four from Nokia. Motorola managed to just sneak one device in the top ten. How reliable is this data? The list is based on worldwide customer game downloads from the MobileRated portal, and that user base could be a skewed one, so take it as such. Informa analyst David McQueen said he believes Sony Ericsson is leading the pack because it has “got the styling (mainly bar-shaped), brands (Walkman, Cybershot, Bravia) and cost right to hit any number of market segments.

One Response to “Top Handset For Gaming: Sony Ericsson”

  1. kind of odd that they say the second most popular phone for gaming is the blackberry pearl, which doesn't even have a five way keypad. either they've got a really small user sample, or their users are really atypical.