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Safari Shortcuts a Big Timesaver

safariAs the Web continues to evolve, with thousands of new sites and blogs springing up every day, the mountain of information to claw through grows ever higher. More sites are bookmarked, and more RSS feeds are added. Inevitably, with this data glut comes new approaches to navigation to help speed the intake.

For me, one of the undervalued timesavers which I use all day, every day, is Safari’s ability to navigate pages simply by hitting Command and a number, to move from sites in my Bookmarks Bar. If you use the Bookmarks Bar to contain your most frequently-accessed sites, in addition to folders, hitting Command-1 will select the leftmost site, Command-2 will hit the second in line, and so on. Now, instead of moving the mouse and clicking on the shortcut, or entering the URL, you can rapidly move through your daily Web surfing.

As I read a page from left to right, my morning news intake moves similarly, left to right. Command-1 opens My Yahoo!, Command-2 moves on to ESPN, Command-3 offers me the option to check .Mac e-mail, Command-4 opens Google Reader for news feeds, Command-5 hits my blog and Command-6 checks the stock portfolio. And thanks to Apple’s iSync software, these shortcuts work both at home and at the office.

As Mac users, we revel in getting things done more quickly and in a more elegant way. In contrast to the simplicity of Safari, I often feel handcuffed on Internet Explorer and Firefox, unable to use my synchronized .Mac bookmarks, and unable to use my keyboard shortcuts to get me where I need to go immediately. While everybody has their own way to walk the Web, for me, Safari’s keyboard shortcuts change my walk to a run.

11 Responses to “Safari Shortcuts a Big Timesaver”

  1. FUDsucker Proxy

    There is an easier way to navigate between multiple open tabs in Safari than what you suggest A.K.

    Just place your mouse over one of the open tabs then scroll with the scrollball/scrollwheel and it will quickly flip from one page to the next.

  2. I actually prefer Firefox’s behavior, where Command-1 -2 -3 gives focus to the first/2nd/3rd open tab. That way I can keep gmail, gcal, and greader open in those positions all the time, and easily jump to them from whichever tab I am in. (This might be a TabMixPlus feature? I haven’t tested to see)

  3. this is actually one of the primary reason Safari is still my default browser…I really like Camino with the Favicon-based Bookmark bar, but I need these shortcuts

  4. I think Safari 2 is a great browser. I added the inquisitor and Stand plugins and have stopped using Firefox altogether for regular browsing. I have to admit though that Firefox with plugins is better for web development.