Quicksilver Screencast: In-n-Out

Got another screencast for ya’all this week. I wanted to take a step back from some of the more advanced features and tricks. Today I focus on something that doesn’t require special settings, plugins, or any interaction with the preferences screen whatsoever.


Loading items into Quicksilver focus is relatively trivial. Basically, select an item in the finder, invoke Quicksilver, and hit CMD-g to load it into Quicksilver focus. Now you can perform actions with that selected item. I’m gonna take this feature a bit further and show you some things that are so simple that they may not have been obvious before.

Go have yourself a watch and see what you think.
The screencast is 31mb: Quicksilver_insouts.mov

EDIT: OK, here’s the quick and dirty for setting up the CMD-g trigger I mentioned in the screencast:

Basically, create a trigger (I use cmd-esc) that uses the Current Selection Proxy Object. (if you followed the setup video last week, you saw where I enabled the Proxy Objects in the Catalog, under Quicksilver). It doesn’t matter when the 2nd pane is set to in the trigger, because most likely you’ll choose something different when you use it.

You’ll need to make sure that in the Catalogs section of the Quicksilver Preferences, your QuicksilverProxy Objects is checked so that the “Current Selection” item is available:
proxy objects

Then go to the Triggers section and set up the trigger like this: