Mobile Mag is liking the Origami Experience


Kevin and I were blown away when we saw a demo of the Origami Experience in Las Vegas last week.  The OE is the next version of the UMPC Touch Pack that will ship with Vista on new UMPCs  and it is one sweet interface.  Mobile Magazine noticed too and they’ve written an article gushing over the new OE and even wondering if this can “save” the UMPC.  They liked it so much that they described it as being “Mac-like”.  Steep praise indeed from a mainstream publication. 

Origami Experience




Microsoft is actually calling this OX.

Hey! Don’t shoot the friggin messenger!

Kevin C. Tofel

To the best of my knowledge:

The OE software will be publicly available to download for folks that upgrade to Vista. I don’t believe it will work on any Tablet PC because it likely requires and checks for a touch screen. If you have a Tablet PC with an active digitizer, I suspect it won’t install or run.

Jayson Billington

Are the Origami Experience bits going to be available to those who want to upgrade an existing UMPC to Vista?

Allan Jones

OK. My question wasn’t worded properly.

What would happen if you put the Origami Experience on an ordinary Tablet running Vista?


Evan Easton

There is no such this as an Origami OS. UMPC’s run Windows XP Tablet Edition. Soon they’ll be running some version of Windows Vista with Tablet Support. Origami Experience is just an application that runs on top of Vista.

Allan Jones

What would happen if you installed that (the new Origami OS) on an ordinary Tabelt PC?

Evan Easton

Mac-like? Some people shouldn’t voice there opinions ;)

This app has made me think seriously about moving my i7210 to Vista when it comes out. I hadn’t given Vista any serious thought before. After having experimented with a variety of freeware/low-cost carputer apps, Experience looks like nicer alternative, at least for the media features. If the Origami team follows it up with some good extensibility features besides just executing shortcuts, they could really have a great app on their hands.

Now if only we could get true Vista HID drivers for the Intel 910/915 chipset so that I can have a nice Vista experience…

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