Leopard (10.5) DVD Player Details


The gaping hole in the MacWorld Keynote a couple weeks ago has left me – and I’m sure many of you too – starving for details on Apple’s next OS release, 10.5/Leopard. Apple Insider (who is renowned for being dead on with everything they post…) has some bits about the overhaul of the DVD Player application in the forthcoming operating system.

The notable feature that AI focuses on is the visual chapter navigation. Sort of like bookmarks that you can currently set yourself, DVD Player 5.0 will automatically take screen grabs of each chapter and make them available to you along a ticker-tape-like strip across the top of the screen. Thusly, being able to quickly and easily peruse, identify, and select the chapter of the DVD you wish to view. Sounds like it’ll be a nice update.

I’d love to see something along the lines of the HD-DVD capabilities on the XBOX 360. (For example, where you can change to extra features on the disc such as commentary on a scene, etc, from right in the movie. Sort of like the next generation of VH1’s Pop-Up Video…) But that of course would mean Apple would have to commit to a format of next generation DVD player tech and start shipping it. I’d bet they’ll hold off on that for now. But it’d be nice to see in the future.



I’d love to see a basic IMDB integration. If you start a DVD, the software retrieves the most important information about that movies from IMDB


you can also change to commentary from a regular DVD within the movie fyi..

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