DevonThink For Writing Your Next Book

Lifehacker Chief, Gina Trapani has been documenting the steps she took in order to turn her popular blog into a book in print. Can you imagine trying to organize and edit 5,000 blog posts worth of information for book format? Yeah, me either. But Gina explains the process of how she got through it.

While it’s an interesting read on its own, it turns out she gives a lot of props to DEVONTechnologies’ DEVONthink Pro for it’s amazing organizational abilities. I found this post to be a great one as I’ve got DEVONthink (not Pro) but have yet to use it. Now that I’ve seen it in action (sort of), I am interested in digging into it a bit deeper on my own. Who knows, my book may be out before year’s end…

So anyway, if you’ve been wondering what DEVONthink can do for you – and especially if you’ve been kicking around that manuscript and finally want to make it happen – then have a read over at Lifehacker. Or maybe you’ve set out to write your first book from scratch this year – just go with me here – and you don’t have any material you’re starting from. I recently came across Scrivener, and it looks like an excellent way to organize your thoughts as you develop your Best Seller.

As I’m pretty inexperienced with both of these apps, I would love to hear your tips and suggestions for maximizing either one of them.


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