Apple Results And The iPhone


Apple posted some pretty good results but they weren’t as good as analysts were expecting, and EasyBourse is using that to look at whether the iPhone will be a sensation. A lot of the issues raised in the story have already been covered (high price, one carrier etc), but the story also raises concerns that the incipient iPhone will suppress the sales of iPods as people wait for the new gadget. It also says that business users may want the tactile sensation of buttons (I think a lot of kids will too — those who can send messages without looking at their phone).
An opinion from Computerworld suggests that Jobs made a mistake announcing the iPhone early, pointing out that it breaks with Apple’s traditional way of doing things and listing all the problems with it. He also writes “it’s easy to speculate about why Apple announced the iPhone so early”, and then does so while completely failing to list the most obvious — indeed, the reason Jobs gave in the keynote. Mobile phones need FCC approval before they’re launched, and the FCC releases those details to the public. If Apple didn’t launch it the FCC would have…

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