Access offers NetFront v3.4 browser preview



Access might sound familiar; they’re the folks that bought the Palm OS. However, they also developed a solid web browsing client for Windows Mobile devices some years back. The NetFront browser didn’t get updated often, but many folks sung its praises. Looks like the venerable app is poised for a comeback as the::unwired caught a company press release: Access is offering a new version of NetFront as a technical preview and you can try it for free right here.

You’ll need a Windows Mobile 5 device and you’ll have to hurry: the preview expires at the end of this month! I noticed that the browser supports the HTML, XHTML and WAP2.0 standards. Better yet: NetFront also works with "CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), ECMAScript (JavaScript), DOM (Document Object Model), or DHTML (Dynamic HTML)" which should make for very functional browsing.



I would have downloaded this until I got to the part that states that the bookmarks are limited to 10. Too much of a pain in the neck when I want to go to sites that I normally browse with Netfront. Now if I could select 10 sites that would be a different story, but no such luck, they’re assigned.

Jonathan Balkind

I’ll download this asap, I’ve used Netfront for a while (I’m using it right now) and the best function is its virtual canvasing, which lets it function like a desktop browser with a higher resolution.

It’s good for the sites which don’t display properly or you want a better view of.

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