Use that Q1 ‘joystick’ to move the cursor

Q1_joystick I know I just mentioned that I like the design and feature-set of the Samsung Q1, but if I had to pick the Achilles Heel, it would be the analog mushroom-like joystick. You can use it to jump the cursor around if you hold a hardware button down, but it moves in increments of pixels, so I never use it. It’s been utterly useless for me, but that might be changing.

Over in the Origami Project forums, Ticonderoga has developed a re-mapping application that remaps the arrow keys to the mushroom and provides a left mouse-click via the Enter hardware button. I haven’t had a chance to try this on Samantha yet, but thought some other enterprising Q1 users might want to give it a shot! Check back in if you do, and I’ll do the same when time permits.


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