Use that Q1 ‘joystick’ to move the cursor


Q1_joystick I know I just mentioned that I like the design and feature-set of the Samsung Q1, but if I had to pick the Achilles Heel, it would be the analog mushroom-like joystick. You can use it to jump the cursor around if you hold a hardware button down, but it moves in increments of pixels, so I never use it. It’s been utterly useless for me, but that might be changing.

Over in the Origami Project forums, Ticonderoga has developed a re-mapping application that remaps the arrow keys to the mushroom and provides a left mouse-click via the Enter hardware button. I haven’t had a chance to try this on Samantha yet, but thought some other enterprising Q1 users might want to give it a shot! Check back in if you do, and I’ll do the same when time permits.


Lorie Ghamy

Thanks everyone !

But is the “MouseRBtnDown” the good choice for u2. I get no right click with this setting ?

I really want right-click for Strokeit, not left click.

I know there is a one screen virtual mouse with samsung Q1 but so big. I tried mini-mouse scroller but so big too and nothing about right-click. The best way coul be a miniature virtual trackball on the top.

doc z

Cable59, yes it is possible. Right click the tray icon and select options. You can change the speed settings there.

doc z

Lorie, you can also change the settings in Stroke-It to recognize left-mouse button gestures instead of right-mouse button gestures. If you need to click and drag something, and not have it be recognized as a gesture, just hold the button a little longer, and Stroke-it will disregard the gesture.


for the right clik, you can use the U key
you can configure U2 as right clik and U4 as left click

Anton P. Nym

Though an analog stick would be better than the provided d-pad, I haven’t found the d-pad useless; I use it for fine scrolling (and side scrolling, when necessary) through web pages and documents all the time. I use the User keys for “pg up”, “pg dwn”, brower’s “back”, and F11; together with the 8-way pad, that’s rapid access to any part of a page.

I may give the utility a try, though, just to see if it would change how I use my UMPC.

— Steve

Lorie Ghamy


I would like to know, please, of can i get à right click and not a left click (for mouse gestures with Strokit) with any button of a Samsung Q1. With this software or another. A simple shortkey maybe ?.

Thanks a lot

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