Toshiba R400 gets jabbed by Core Duo News


R400_main_1The Toshiba R400 we saw at CES last week isn’t even out yet, but it got a little battered and bruised in this high-level sharing of thoughts at Core Duo News. Some of the high low-lights:

  • "The first thought that comes to mind is “slow,slow, slow”, what with 4200 rpm IDE hard drive and 1.2 ULV processor"
  • "E-mail synchronization and calendar items shown on integrated small screen? Thats just Microsoft SideShow and quite a few new portables already have it."
  • "If I decide to get a new tablet I think I’ll opt for a little older, but cheaper and faster alternatives…"

I think Core Duo News has a valid point if you simply look at the paper specs for your paper money. We are talking about a device that’s expected to cost between $2500 and $3500, depending on configuration. I suspect that we’ll see the prices quickly drop however; the market simply won’t sustain that price point for the feature set when compared to alternatives. And while we’d all like the fastest and highest performing components in a computing device, we have to realize (*start broken record*) that this is a mobile device so we will almost always sacrifice price, power and performance for mobility and battery life. (*end broken record*)

The R400 is an evolutionary step in Tablet PC design, especially with the wireless USB dock that will follow it; while the price appears high, I can’t wait to see how it performs in the real world.


Jim Branski

Im using this device as well i was expecting a little more for the money

Jon Dee

Hi guys – I don’t agree with this review. Hate to make anyone envious but I’m typing this note on a Toshiba R400 and I’m really surprised at how fast it is.

The R400 is very stable, beautiful to look at and hold – and it’s unbelievably light (lighter than most slates that I have held).

I have had 6 different Tablet PC’s to date and this is by far the best that I’ve used. I have now had it for 5 days and I’m loving every second of it!

If you want, I’ll take some pictures and send them to you.

Best regards,

Jon Dee

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