ThumbScrew is Back!

thumbscrew A couple years back I was a huge fan of ThumbScrew. But the updates seemed to die off and then when I moved to my MacBook, things didn’t seem to really work well for me under Rosetta. So I’d left it in my past. But TUAW was good enough to announce that this awesome utility is back in action and a Universal Binary!

ThumbScrew is simple – Drop an image into the program, and it’ll tilt the image, give it a frame, and add a drop shadow. All options are configurable, so use whatever bits and pieces of bling that you like. It’s a great and fast tool for giving your images that little extra pizazz to make all your friends jealous. Or something like that anyway.

Regardless, ThumbScrew rocks my world, and I’m so happy to hear that it’s been updated. I highly recommend you go check it out now.


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