The webworkers computer has arrived

Webworkers have a tough job of lugging around gear, especially laptops, to café’s and comfortable working places all over the world. Do we deserve a semi-rugged laptop? The most prized possession of webworkers seems to be their laptop. Its basically never leaves our side. It gets banged around, thrown down on tables, used to sop up coffee and crumbs, and never gets a break. It gets scratched and scolded, worn down and used. So maybe we deserve a stronger, more durable solution. One that meets strict military standards.

webworker computerm

I caught an article by Antone Gonsalves about this new Dell ATG that launched. It’s a military grade laptop that is built for durability and reliability. Dell advertises that it has been deigned for demanding work environments where dust (sandy beaches, cookie crumbs) and moisture (coffee, lattes) are daily encounters. Doesn’t that sound like a webworkers environment too you? It even has a shock mounted hard drive and LCD screen for those times when your bag accidentally falls off of a café table.

The paint on it even has an extra layer for protection against scratches and daily wear and tear. Webworkers are constantly banging away at laptop keyboards, and opening and closing screens, how perfect is that? What do you think? Has Dell just unknowingly invented the perfect laptop for webworkers?


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