Roundup: Sundance Festival Online


Can’t make it to this year’s Sundance Film Festival? Well, thanks to the Internet, there’s no need to actually travel to Utah. Between cell phone bloggers, YouTube, Second Life and iTunes, you’re virtually there already.

The festival has its own channel on YouTube, and has hired Four Eyed Monsters to produce marketing spots vlog posts on the happenings daily. [YouTube]

Real Networks has slapped a fresh coat of paint on web veteran, and is showing it off at Sundance. The writers, hopefully with more liberal expense accounts, will be uploading reports from on the ground. []

If that’s not enough ‘behind the scenes’ footage for you, video and social network mashup Stickam will also be broadcasting from the event through Jan. 21. [Mashable]

Also, if you’re looking to download and watch some of the actual films entered, the iTunes store is making some available today. [E! Online]

And if you prefer flying penises, pig grenades and sex chat escorts turned real estate developers to popcorn, jujubes and acne-encrusted ushers, drop by Sundance Island in Second Life. [Cinematical]

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