Remember who’s who at meetings


I attend meetings, a lot of meetings.  Every day, usually more than one and some of them have 10 – 12 attendees which makes remembering names almost impossible.  I saw a simple tip on LifeHacker to help remember who was who at meetings, a tip so simple and obvious it invoked a slap in the forehead moment.  This tip is good for everyone but especially pertinent for Tablet PC or UMPC owners.  Just draw a rough outline of the conference table, put place holders representing seats at the table, and jot down each name at the appropriate seat.  I have been doing this for a couple of days now and what a difference!  Having the visual reference jogs my memory long after the meeting is over when I’m trying to remember who said what during the meeting.  I love simple tips that yield big returns.  :)



Ed Holloway

I also like to lay out their business cards in the same format on the table in front of me, until I can get this transferred to ‘paper’

Paul J Manoogian

You could even use your colored pens on your tablet. You could color in your circles, and then write your notes of what certain people said in that color, so it’s even easier to reference who said what.


What a great tip — and you can number them in a clockwise manner so that when jotting notes a circled number beside a comment can quickly identify the source of the comment. Thanks for sharing this one…

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