QVC Shopping Channel Streaming on AOL

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As if there wasn’t already enough crap to buy on the Internet, home shopping network QVC is now streaming 24/7/365 on AOL Video. Soon, you’ll even be able to watch your favorite QVC ‘shows’ on-demand, just as you would with AOL Video’s existing offerings. According to QVC Senior VP Bob Myers, “QVC is continually looking for new ways to be everywhere consumers want to shop.” Is it just me, or does that almost sound like a threat?

It’s certainly one way to monetize your video content — maybe Ask a Ninja will start offering great deals on floral print ninja outfits and decorative shuriken for that homey touch. Only 100 left! On a personal note, this will be great news to my father, who gets some sort of perverse enjoyment from just watching shopping television. I’m not sure if he’s actually bought anything, but the uncanny cheerfulness of the hosts seems to soothe him.

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As that soothed father, the appeal is the same as watching carnival barkers.
There is a constant patter to an ever shifting audience. The patter has to run through the entire sales cycle, including closing and has to do it numerous times per hour.
I will do my best to stay away from the QVC stream.

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