Quick Unix Tips

Reader Wieger van der Burgt wrote in with a nice list of Unix goodies. Some of the tips expand on things I’ve written about before, while others may be new to you. (Especially if you’ve only been following along here at The Apple Blog for Unix tips as of late.)

So while I work on the weekly Unix Tip I was planning for this week, I’ll leave Wieger’s list for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for the contribution Wieger!

cd ~/
your home dir

ps -aux
get a list of what is running and stop

same as above except it keeps showing

touch [filename]
making a new file, for example a text file:
touch test.txt

touch /test.txt
doing this in another folder – the root folder in this example

ls > ~/test.txt
put the output in a text file named test.txt
this is possible with all the comands. so if you want a list of running
ps -aux > ~/ programlist.txt

[command 1] | [command 2]
run command 1 and wait till it is finished then command 2


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