‘Problems with Windows’ most frequent complaint of 2006


Problems with Windows continues to be the number one complaint among computer users, according to the second annual RESCUECOM Top Five Computer Problems Report, an annual study determining the most frequently identified computer problems of home and business users. Hardware problems, slow computer, Internet connectivity problems and data recovery/backup rounded out the top five problems reported to the company’s 1-800 call center.

According to RESCUECOM founder and CEO David A. Milman, “This year, we’re continuing to see Windows-related issues with great regularity, with an increase of 12 percent from last year and now accounting for more than 22 percent of calls to our call center.”

The other four big problems in the list were Problems with Computer Speed (viruses or spyware) at 13.7 (down from 16.4 percent a year ago), Internet Connectivity Problems at 13.4 percent (a 22 percent dip) and data transfer or failure issues at 12.3 percent.

The RESCUECOM Top 5 Computer Problems Report is an annual review of problems identified by home and business computer users who call the 1-800-RESCUE7 call center for computer and technology support services. 2006 data was derived from more than 5,000 call records.



Dave, I think most of us know the limitations of any OSs. I too spent years as an IT consultant in the Windows world and was disgusted when I began to troubleshoot and update more than tackling fun projects.

My given is there are good and bad OSs. Windows is extremely poor, Mac is better and for hands-on people, Linux/Unix is great.

All things considered, Mac is a great middle between eye-candy, ease of use and well thought of apps in a solid, robust OS. Microsoft should ditch Windows and do like Apple of they want to be relevant in 15 years.

But there are plenty of gripes about Apple. I would like a serious in-house file manager. Sorry but Finder needs some over-hauling. I need to be able to have at least two panes that can sync files and folder, kind of like Windows Commander or whatever it is called now. Yes, I have a lot of stuff.

Yes, I would love it for Apple to make it easier to retrieve my songs from my iPod when I lost them in my back up. Hey, I bought them, they’re real. But all in all, I love my PowerBook. It has given me a computing pleasure I had long forgotten with Winplode, I mean Windows.

And now here’s to the paranoid Vista that checks itself against itself for corruptions and attacks, even at idle. Can you spell resource hog???


Forgot… just to clarify, my friend’s studio is entirely Mac based.


It is fascinating the rabid sentiment against Windows in the Mac community. Mac adherents are so strongly biased that not only is Windows always portrayed as the evil giant… it also seems against the law for a Mac user to speak badly about anything Apple.

I’ve been living in the PC World for years because my job is in IT. However, I’ve always admired the Mac. Our company has some Macs in the graphics area and it is a lovely OS. I recently purchased my first Mac (a Mac Mini) for home… and I have to say the experience hasn’t been as idyllic as I’d hoped. iMovie and iDVD are wonderful… but also limited in many ways. Safari locks very frequently, only getting resolved with force quit. CD burning is very clunky and counter-intuitive. I was truly hoping to fall in love with the Mac – but it hasn’t happened so far.

I have a good friend who has a phenomenal home recording studio. He keeps his equipment and software very up-to-date, but he also has two or three annual catastrophic crashes – sometimes related to software upgrades, but sometimes not having to do with anything at all. Yet, he’ll spend two weeks getting his system back up and running and never admit it has anything to do with the OS.

All I’m saying is, I think there are two sides to every coin. Maybe the growth in Windows complaints are simply a reflection on the continually growing number of PC’s out there, and the huge percentage of market share that Microsoft holds on the OS side of things. They have over 90 percent of the market… so it sort of makes sense they’d have the largest number of complaints. It’d be interesting to see the percentage of complaint vs market share for the two OS’s.


I guess you could probably combine Problems with Windows and Problems with Computer Speed since that latter is typically caused by viruses and spyware that are the result of Problems with Windows which would be more like 38% of calls.


This is one of the reasons I didn’t get bootcamp because I heard the windows problems come with it even though you’re on a mac. I didn’t like windows before the mac and I dislike it even more now that I am a mac owner. Leopard is going to rock!



aaahh….. problems with windows. THE main reason i’ll be switching to mac after Leopard drops. an os shouldn’t be so much work. i especially love losing my bookmarks and browsing history (despite backups) every time xp crashes, and then the subsequent disc check that starts on reboot, which in turns doe nothing to fix the issue.
i can’t wait to lose this pig of operating system

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