LG Prada: The iPhone for the Rest of the World?


prada phone from lg Everyone inside the United States is crazy jazzed about the forthcoming (4 months and 13 days till June) Apple iPhone. Those outside the States are less than excited, because what do they get?? Well in February most of the rest of the world will be getting the LG Prada Phone. Check out this YouTube video of the LG Prada in action. Hmmmm, looks an awful lot like an iPhone, doesn’t it?

The Prada rocks a full touch screen display with “soft keys” for dialing and handling all the other functions. The resemblance of the LG user interface to that of Apple’s iPhone is uncanny. Location of icons, aqua look, and even the sliding transitions are all very similar. I doubt the Haptics-oriented Multi Touch technology will be as prevalent, but it’s awfully close on everything else.

prada phone screens

So while the Apple/cell phone fans in the US had the upper hand with the iPhone coming in June, much of the rest of the world can now claim the upper hand on a very similar device coming in just a few short weeks.

More pics of the LG Prada phone here.



I care about name brands, and Prada is my favorite, if it doesn’t hit the US soon I’ll die!!!


Now tell me… is it color or is it black/white… some sites show color image, but mosts say black white system


parker Cunneen

look everything about the iphone is better..the color…the menu…SAFARI!!!!…visual voicemail…it is an IPOD…pardaa cant do that…and its made by aplpe so u no its good….ooo ya i forgot Iphone is cheaper too!!!


Hi, i’m a designer and i worked for LG for 2 years and i can assure you that LG sucks. They just follow Samsung or any other company that do something new.
For this phone, it can look similar, but it’s really different. The multitouch screen, GPS, itunes, GUI… there are too many features that LG can’t offer. It’s just another boring restyling, old technology and bad user interface…
And they need to put the name PRADA to get some prestige… (who cares for prada? i want good products, not brand!)


Why do people say Apple copied LG? Apple has had their phone in development for two and a half years. You can bet LG, a company consumed by profit margins and shareholder returns, would never commit two and a half years of development to any product. They just don’t invest in the kind of R&D required to do so. Obviously Apple has been working on this far longer than LG on theirs. If anything, LG could have used corporate espionage and copied Apple? Who knows, and that’s the point. LG was just the first to announce theirs. It doesn’t mean Apple copied them. And lastly, it really isn’t a copy. The LG phone sucks. Hmm Apple filed over 200 patents for their phone? How many did LG have to file? I’m guessing none since there’s no innovation in the LG phone.


Yasser Dahab

You’re right, they look similar, but I agree with Andrew that the details are what sets these two devices apart from each other. I’m less excited about the GUI and more excited about how Apple is setting out to change the way we do voicemail and text messaging on our phones. It’s going to be a wonderful thing to be able to browse voicemail as if it’s an email inbox…

Wess Daniels

That’s very interesting – If it costs the same as a normally priced phone i’d go with that. I can’t take out a loan in order buy the iphone.

FUDsucker Proxy

FUGLY! A touchscreen it may have, but the UI already looks dated compared to the iPhone.


The design is similar in that it is a touchscreen display and few real buttons. The software part couldn’t be further from apples… it looks odd, weird, cumbersome and difficult to use. It’s slow and not very intuitive…

So ok. Two companies came up with a touchscreen phone at the same time… I bet, that the touchscreen LG uses is a regular touchscreen, and not a multi touchscreen.

Fred F

The Apple Newton fanboys will be lining up for this phone; it looks even more like a Newton than the Apple iPhone does!

Does it play videos? Does it play iTunes? I read that it will be priced the same as the iPhone. I wonder which one is the better “deal”.


Eh, it looks ok. But it’s one of those things that reminds me of Charles Eames’ quote: “Details are not ‘details’, they are the design.” The Prada mostly seems similar to the iphone, but in its details, it’s not even close. That scrollbar already looks antiquated, the animations are just jerky enough to draw attention to themselves, and the colors and typography on the UI look merely good, unlike the iPhone’s pixel-perfect design.


This phone was made several months before the iPhone? So it´s obviously Apple stealing and not the opposite.

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