LG Prada: The iPhone for the Rest of the World?

prada phone from lg Everyone inside the United States is crazy jazzed about the forthcoming (4 months and 13 days till June) Apple iPhone. Those outside the States are less than excited, because what do they get?? Well in February most of the rest of the world will be getting the LG Prada Phone. Check out this YouTube video of the LG Prada in action. Hmmmm, looks an awful lot like an iPhone, doesn’t it?

The Prada rocks a full touch screen display with “soft keys” for dialing and handling all the other functions. The resemblance of the LG user interface to that of Apple’s iPhone is uncanny. Location of icons, aqua look, and even the sliding transitions are all very similar. I doubt the Haptics-oriented Multi Touch technology will be as prevalent, but it’s awfully close on everything else.

prada phone screens

So while the Apple/cell phone fans in the US had the upper hand with the iPhone coming in June, much of the rest of the world can now claim the upper hand on a very similar device coming in just a few short weeks.

More pics of the LG Prada phone here.

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