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Jupitermedia Buys More Music Licensing Sites

Jupitermedia is obsessed with royalty-free…images first and now music. It has bought the assets of and from Mediatone Music, along with two other sites. These sites include a music library of over 2,600 tracks of royalty free music and 5,500 sound effects. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.
This follows Jupitermedia’s prior music-related acquisitions of in August, 2006, the Steve Shapiro Music Library in April, 2006, Crank City Music in March 2006, and in December 2005.
More details here.

One Response to “Jupitermedia Buys More Music Licensing Sites”

  1. I'm hoping deals like this will lead to easier, one-time licensing for consumers. The average consumer, if they want to properly license songs, has absolutely no way to do it.

    I mean, look at the experience of someone like Shelly Palmer (as he mentioned in<a href="">Is This A Crime? Music Licensing Has To Be Easier!</a>.)

    Getting these licenses is just too hard for "us" — the average person who wants to stay legal, but use music in all sorts of creative ways.