John Tokash ‘mini-fies’ Google Reader



I caught this story and the above screencap over at Download Squad earlier today and wondered how I missed John Tokash’s efforts on Reader Mini! John took it upon himself to better the standard mobile Google Reader client using the API and the end result looks fantastic!

It looks like John was really targeting Reader Mini for the Nokia 770 and N800 handhelds, but according to the Reader Mini system requirements, it requires "Javascript and DHTML to work. Most desktop browsers and some portable browsers are capable". Stemming from Google Reader not working well on the Opera browser included with the Nokia Internet Tablets, John has an evolving service that looks to fill a void in the RSS reading space for handhelds. As much I now like the native Google Reader, I’ll be giving this a shot on Samantha to see Reader Mini works better for me on the smaller screen. 

Update: I’m loving this on the Q1! Screen cap after the jump.


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