Gubb: Outstanding Online Application for Lists


gubb1.gifGubb is a wonderful web application for making and managing lists.

You may ask, why do I need a dedicated web application for lists when I can easily use text files, pad & paper or other task managers?

If Gubb was only about typing out list or task items in a browser window, this would be the end of the entry. The beauty of Gubb is the multitude of choices for retrieving, editing and managing list content in a very well-designed package. Gubb gets the fact that it’s a tool with a nice interface. Going to the website to manage your lists is only one of the options.

Each list you create is automatically assigned an email address in the form of (much easier to remember than a randomly generated email address) which gives you the ability to work with your list wherever you have access to email or text messaging. Send an email or text message to this address with the list item in the subject to add that item to the list. Send a blank email to the address and the system replies with the entire contents of the list. Text ‘get’ to the address from your phone to get a copy of your list in reply (text messaging rates apply, of course). Visit to view a mobile-ready version of Gubb.

Gubb’s sharing features are quite helpful. Let’s say you’re working on a presentation. Make a list of slides that need to be prepared and share the list with team members through the Gubb interface. Once they accept the email invitation to share the list, they can edit and add items, or leave comments on items for you (and other team members) to read. The entire team is working off the same version of the list. I do wish there was the ability to decide whether or not a shared list can be edited by others (it always can) or whether or not list recipients can send the list to others (they always can). Thankfully, only the list owner can edit the name of the list, or share it for editing with others.

The interface is simple, clean and intuitive. Gubb is one of those web applications that can quickly become an essential part of your web working routine.



gubb’s great! i’ve been using it for a few months. i love that it’s a better way to take care of the lists i’ve always kept. no confusing techie stuff. simple, straightforward and it just works for me. glad to see people are picking up on it!


What a great site! So helpful and useful. Finally a web 2.0 co that helps me do something I’m already doing!


What about Google Calendar integration?

Gubb is nice but I’m sticking to Remember The Milk for now… I can access it from GCal.


This is the list (to-do) manager that I have been waiting for! It allows you to send tasks (list items) to your different lists! I also really like that you can see what kinds of lists other people have when you sign up. Only time will tell–it seems like I switch to a new list manager every month (hoping to find one that works–this one might be it :) This is a great blog! Thanks for the tidbit. Have a good day everyone!

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