DivShare wants to be your virtual harddrive


Storing, sharing, and transferring files is a way of life for webworkers. Hunting out the most effective tools necessary for the job can sometimes prove difficult. WebWorkerDaily recently covered DivShare, an easy to use online tool used to store and share files. DivShare launched their service at the end of December 2006, and are now updating their offerings and officially coming out of beta. They now have 10,000 registered users. DivShare is increasing their hardware speed in an effort to become the fastest file host, where it can actually start to behave like a virtual hard drive.

The company started out offering unlimited upload and download capacity, and offered ability to store files forever. Now, they are offering privacy options for uploaded files, along with other features such as file search and image galleries. They are offering these features as they compete with entrenched offerings from the likes of Box.net, Xdrive, Localhostr, and Dropboks. The company’s ultimate goal is to become your virtual hard drive. If you have used this service, let us know about your experience. If not a DivShare user, what back-up solution do you typically use.


Kai Tain

I like MediaFire but they DON’T offer unlimited file sizes, you are limited to 100MB files. Which is a pain when you need to store 300 or 400MB and have to recompress your data into 99MB files.

But beggers can’t be choosers…


Looks like a neat site. I’m personally hooked on MediaFire.com for this type of service. Unlike the DivShare or any of the competitors, MediaFire offers unlimited file size and it’s by far the fastest service out there. It’s just as fast for huge files (500mb+) as it is for smaller documents. It’s also got some cool ajax features like their uploading page and the login/create account section is the fastest/coolest I’ve ever used.

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