BOE HYDIS develops new view-anywhere screen; coming to UMPCs?

Boe_logoYou might not know BOE HYDIS by name, but if you’ve shopped for tablets, you’re sure to have seen their computing components. The company manufactures TFT-LCD wide-angle displays used in Tablet PCs from Acer, Fujitsu, HP and Motion and also provides display components in monitors and other notebooks.

BOE HYDIS just announced the development of a new LCD for super readability in the outdoors. The new transmissive LCD display reduces surface reflection to a minute 0.3% and increases brightness over their current display by up to 30%. Mass production on the 10.4- and 12.1-inch displays won’t get underway until late this year, but the exciting news is at the end of the press release: "…this new product will target the high-end premium notebook, tablet PC and UMPC markets."

Two questions then: who wants a UMPC with a view-anywhere screen (besides me) and which manufacturer will have it first? :)


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