BOE HYDIS develops new view-anywhere screen; coming to UMPCs?


Boe_logoYou might not know BOE HYDIS by name, but if you’ve shopped for tablets, you’re sure to have seen their computing components. The company manufactures TFT-LCD wide-angle displays used in Tablet PCs from Acer, Fujitsu, HP and Motion and also provides display components in monitors and other notebooks.

BOE HYDIS just announced the development of a new LCD for super readability in the outdoors. The new transmissive LCD display reduces surface reflection to a minute 0.3% and increases brightness over their current display by up to 30%. Mass production on the 10.4- and 12.1-inch displays won’t get underway until late this year, but the exciting news is at the end of the press release: "…this new product will target the high-end premium notebook, tablet PC and UMPC markets."

Two questions then: who wants a UMPC with a view-anywhere screen (besides me) and which manufacturer will have it first? :)


Bobby Chapman

This sounds promising, but you have to ask, what’s it going to do to battery life?
I’d love a better screen that reduces reflections.
It would likely work wonders for outdoor work, but if battery life is sacrificed, it’s not worth it. If you’re outdoors, you’re likely not near a power outlet.


Thanx for the news, Kev.

Since Motion already uses them, and ASUS has the R2H, and Motion and ASUS are in partnership, I’ll guess something from their joint operation will be the first UMPC.

I don’t know any inside information, so this is really a guess.


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