Vista’s Media Center “Online Media” selection grows

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I caught this info over at MSTechToday: Microsoft is slowly beefing up the "Online Media" section of Windows Media Center in Vista. I had to check for myself and found 15 different media options available now; a few weeks ago this section was as empty as a MSM UMPC review. Highlights from the screenshot I just took above:

  • Clips from the Discovery Channel; looks like the "Record" option might set up a WMCE recording for the show you view clips from.
  • XM Radio; looks like a 3-day trial
  • Movielink for online movie purchases and rentals; Superman costs $19.95 to own, $3.95 to rent
  • VH1 / Napster / other music services
  • Yahoo! video

There’s plenty more here now and I’m sure the number of offerings will grow. The nice part of this is that Windows Media Center isn’t just for the connected home desktop: with Vista on your notebook or Tablet PC along with 3G or WiFi, you should be able to gain value from any number of these ‘channels’ to get content on the road. More pics after the jump….

ABC News on Yahoo!

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