SSD Wars IV: A New Hope with 128 GB


128_gb_ssd_1A long time ago….in a galaxy far, far away…..A-Data trumped all of the Imperials in the SSD flash market and provided a new hope to mobile computing with their 128 GB, 2.5-inch flash drive. Acutally, it was only last week and took place in Vegas: the Inquirer has this pic of A-Data’s solid state disk drive offerings which includes a 32- and 64-GB capacity as well. We won’t see these until after the mid-year and there’s no word on the price. You’ll just have to search your feelings and look to the future for now my young UMPC apprentice…

(via Gizmag)



I would be scared to find out how much this thing costs, after all 32 gigs of solid state drive already doubles the price of the q1

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