Sammy, meet Samantha. First on-line UMPC date?


I have to ask: is it wrong to hug the DHL courier when they deliver a new UMPC? Ah…maybe it is, but she didn’t seem to mind; besides, it’s bitter cold here today and she looked like she needed the extra warmth.

Yes, DHL delivered the Pentium-based Samsung Q1 today and after much thought, her specs are sexier then Sammy’s, hence I give you: Samantha! While I could have purchased a completely different UMPC, I have a fondness for the thin and ergo Q1 design. It also has a satisfying feature-set for what I need. Adding a Pentium M processor and increasing the hard drive and memory by 50% and 100% respectively just made it an appealing package for the way I work.

I’ve got too much on my plate to get her configured to my liking this very second, but rest assured, she’ll get the special Vista treatment real soon. Once I do that I’ll check in with a little surprise as I take Samantha to a brave new world known only as "O.E.". :)


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