Sammy, meet Samantha. First on-line UMPC date?



I have to ask: is it wrong to hug the DHL courier when they deliver a new UMPC? Ah…maybe it is, but she didn’t seem to mind; besides, it’s bitter cold here today and she looked like she needed the extra warmth.

Yes, DHL delivered the Pentium-based Samsung Q1 today and after much thought, her specs are sexier then Sammy’s, hence I give you: Samantha! While I could have purchased a completely different UMPC, I have a fondness for the thin and ergo Q1 design. It also has a satisfying feature-set for what I need. Adding a Pentium M processor and increasing the hard drive and memory by 50% and 100% respectively just made it an appealing package for the way I work.

I’ve got too much on my plate to get her configured to my liking this very second, but rest assured, she’ll get the special Vista treatment real soon. Once I do that I’ll check in with a little surprise as I take Samantha to a brave new world known only as "O.E.". :)




If you are still in the market, I have some info on where you can order one — email me at staysafeonline—–|||||—–at—–|||||—


Hey Kevin; I’ve finally decided on the Q1 (I think :) but I was wondering where did you score a Q1P which is probably the one I would get.

I’ve checked Samsung’s website, but they don’t list the price nor where to order it from like they do the orginal Q1 and the Q1B. Any suggestions?

And any word on even a third party app that helps with palm rejection as HG asked?


Thanks Kevin for the link on the Booqbags they look to be made very good, now I will have figure out which one am going to order. I was using the sleeve that came with the Q1P but with the 6 Cell battery it doesn’t go in very well. Right now am using a old Day Timer folder and put the Q1P in there until Saturday, when I will try to see the Samsung keyboard case combo. I also have the bluetooth keyboard that I had over a year but use it with my PPC-6700, who knows maybe I will just use it with the Q1P and Day Timer folder with the Booqbag. By the way Kevin you know of any palm rejection software for our Q1’s….

Kevin C. Tofel

HG, I find that the included case from Samsung is adequate although I typically carry the Q1 in a bag from; it’s protected and I can have plenty of room to carry additional items like USB cables, spare batteries and my Bluetooth keyboard.

Charlie Thomas

Does anyone know if the Samsung Q1 will fit in the eo7210 bump case? I’m not worried about having access to all the slots and buttons, but I would like some better protection.

Charlie Thomas


Congrats on your new Q1, I also picked up a Q1 last week so have been using it for about a week. Kevin what type of case do you use with your Q1?

Don't Panic!


How hard will it be to get rid of Sammy now?
A matched ste… They’ll probably breed.


Take a good “camgirl show” for us to see how vista runs on it… and try to edit your video with it..

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