Roundup: Peer-to-Peer News Packets


IsoHunt, one of the most popular tracker indexes, got shutdown by its ISP. Promises to be back up shortly. [Slashdot]

The Pirate Bay now has multiple torrents of HD-DVD movies indexed, and rubbed it in the MPAA’s eye by announcing it on its blog. [Slyck News]

TorrentFreak sat down with Bram Cohen for an in-depth interview about the future of BitTorrent. Most interesting is Bram’s take on traffic shaping and ‘encryption.’ [TorrentFreak]

Even Wired News is vulnerable to all the Joost hype, warning “Broadcasters, watch your backs.” Feature does include plenty of info about the product engineering, though. [Wired News]

Where’s the money in all this video content and P2P sharing? Network hardware, duh. Video is driving demand for broadband backbone devices. [paidContent ]

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