Penny Arcade’s Tycho gets squirts rebuffed

It’s not too surprising that Steve Jobs dissed the Zune during the Macworld Expo keynote last week. But even some of its proponents are having trouble defending the device. Case in point: Jerry Holkins, writer of the popular webcomic Penny Arcade, whose cartoon alter ego is the character Tycho.

In a post on the Penny Arcade web site, he wrote about his experiences at CES, where he had hoped to use the Zune’s wireless song sharing features:

Near the Microsoft booth I was happy to see many devices speaking wirelessly – so many I had to scroll! – until I realized that they were named after genres, and were (in fact) the display units, which added greatly to my shame.

The two times I had an opportunity to share files were interesting – once on the floor itself, and once in the plane on the way back. In both cases, my offer was rebuffed. This actually feels terrible when it happens, because you’re trying to show someone something that is important to you and they don’t care. But let’s be clear: when someone is listening to music, that’s private. They are actively eschewing the outside world, and here you are – with some song they’ve never heard of – interrupting their lives.

The wireless features of the Zune clearly aren’t as well thought out as they should be, as he finishes by noting:

Let me also state that your music stops when doing this – even for someone that buys into the device philosophically, I mean… Jesus Christ, guys.

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