Let’s get some Babelgum


Updated: Okay so you don’t have the Joost invite as yet, how about Babelgum, a new online video offering from Silvio Scaglia, the guy who started FastWeb, an early player in the IPTV space.

NewTeeVee has a full review of the service and some nifty screenshots, and others have posted some thoughts as well. On Scaglia, James Enck quips, “for an integrated-services-over-fat-pipe veteran of this stature to become a convert to the ‘parasitic applications’ camp is amazing.”


john clapton

hi .
i would be very appreciative if you could send me a Babelgum invite.
Many thanks.


Could I please get a bablegum invite? Want to compare it to Joost.

Thank you so much!


if you can, pls. send a bablegum invite my way. thanks


If you all are still able to invite people to Babelgum, sure would appreciate an invitation. :)


Hey Om, glad to see invites were so requested.
I’ll see if I can manage to get some more for your readers.
By the way, since a couple of days we are blogging too:-)

Om Malik

16 pounds or so – but it seems to be stuck there. damn… even falling sick is not helping. oh well. will have to keep plugging away and try and lose weight

Jacob Levy

Om, its all good! :) How does the weight loss go? Hopefully all good? You owe how many pounds? :)

Jacob Levy

I dont see a URL to this BabelGum service… Did I miss it? Or do you just want to make me reread the Joost story? :):)

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