Industry Moves: Tina Sharkey Leaves AOL; Joins BabyCenter As Chairman


You’re reading it here first: Another senior AOL departure: Tina Sharkey, till recently the SVP of Instant Messaging & Social Media at AOL, and instrumental in developing AOL’s community strategy to a large extent, has left the company, and has joined Johnson & Johnson-owned online parenting info/resource site BabyCenter, as the chairman (bad choice of title, if you ask me). She will oversee all BabyCenter operations, including and international sites in UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Sweden. She will also be heading the companion site, a resource site for parents of children ages 2 to 8.
Prior to AOL, she was one of the co-founders of iVillage.
This comes along with spate of other senior AOL departures over the last couple of months since Jon Miller was replaced as CEO.


A disappointed BBC user

You all can have Ms Sharkey back at AOL if you'd like her. She's done nothing but screw up what was a VERY helpful and informative site, that was working fine. Everyone was happy. However, since Ms Sharkey came over, many users are now leaving due to the changes she's implemented.

RIP Babycenter

Thanks Tina for totally screwing up what WAS the best parenting site on the web. Maya Mom's format is AWFUL. See ya!

AOL Employee

Strange, this was announced internally several months ago. She must not have been very important if no one posted about it until now.

Marc Canter

Tina and Jim will surely be missed.

Now we gotta just wait and see what happens next. And meanwhile – congrats Tina. Go make some babies – or at least be in charge of making babies.

Brian Loube

You simply could not find a better executive for to fill job! I just don't know who's luckier: BabyCenter, or the babies themselves…

an aol employee

too bad… the glass ceiling won't crack now. go white boys! go white boys!

Jeremy Liew

Tina will be a real loss for AOL. She has been pushing the company towards social media since she got there over four years ago.

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